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The most basic of crochet stitches include the chain stitch, the slip stitch, the double crochet stitch and the treble stitch. It is important to be confident and capable about forming these stitches, as the majority of crochet patterns include all of them. However you can and will find patterns which omit either the treble or the double crochet stitch so it is essential that you learn at least one of these basic stitches. Nevertheless it will not be long before you find the need to have both in your crocheting skills repertoire. To begin crocheting it is essential to start from the begin setup position. This is achieved by looping the yarn round itself into a looped ring, then inserting the hook into the loop and catching the yarn with your hook, and bringing it back up through the looped ring and lastly by tightening the slip knot onto your hook. The next task is to hold the crochet hook in your normal dominate hand in a style that suits you (either like a pen…show more content…
However the hook is placed into the next stitch to be worked. This will vary depending on what project you are making. After inserting the hook into the appropriate position, pick up the yarn and draw the hook back out of the stitch, leaving two loops on the hook. Now wrap the yarn again round the hook making three loops on the hook. Finally draw the hook through all the loops to leave just the one loop on the hook, with one double crochet stitch worked. The last basic crochet stitch we are going to deal with is the treble stitch, abbreviated to tr in crochet patterns and also known as the double crochet in America. This is the hardest of the basic crochet stitches and is the meat and vegetables of crochet, as many advanced stitches and techniques are based around this stitch. Consequently it is a good idea to be proficient at performing this crochet

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