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Discuss the importance of swords and daggers in the play Julius Caesar Introduction Julius Caesar is a play about death and tragedy based on real events where enemies conspire to assassinate their leader. Shakespeare explores this historical political satire filling it with irony and suspense. Since the storyline follows ancient text the reader is aware of the spoiler alert. Although, the story is not an exact account, it maintains elements that existed in the Roman Republic. Loyalty in this setting is something that the characters struggle with leading to betrayal, lies and murder. Roman weaponry is a device wielded to achieve the characters goals while using them to attain victory in their battles. Swords and Daggers In Julius Caesar, swords…show more content…
Caesar’s murder brings the daggers into play as it represents the resolve Brutus and the conspirators had reached fruition. The daggers in the murder are a sign Caesar’s reign has ended at the hands of his fellow senate members. As they plunge the daggers into his body, the conspirators realize their aspiration which brands them as traitors. They seal their fate with Caesar’s blood spilt for the sake of the nation, but it begins their exile. Overall it shows Brutus’s friendship betrayal while displaying his…show more content…
Octavius uses his sword to avenge his adopted father’s assassination while Mark Antony’s sword gives victory in battle and a pass to the Empire. Pindarus follows Cassius’s orders and stabs him using the blade that killed Caesar. For Brutus enhanced by Caesar’s ghost “to tell thou shalt see me at Philippi” led to his suicide at the hands of Strato (4.3.283). These two deaths are important as they symbolize the end of the conspirators “And let us bathe our hands in Caesar's blood / Up to the elbows, and besmear our swords:”

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