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Sint also know as Saint and Saint Nick, is a Dutch horror film that features some notably bad English dubbing. At least in the version I watched, normally I watch foreign films in their native language with subtitles. I didn't have access to that version and the poor dubbing actually increased the enjoyment for me. Much in the same way the it does for old kung-fu films. Sint has that wonderful B-Movie feel, and since its budget, (roughly adjusted in US dollars) was near 4.5 million. That seems like a lot but, for a horror movie that's this ambitious it's really not. Sint opens on Dec 5, 1492 and former bishop and apostate St. Niklas (Huub Stapel) is marauding with his gang of thieves and murders. The town folks try to hide and lock the doors, but his men find their way into the villagers homes via chimneys. They start killing and plundering, something which the town-folk have had more than enough and seek vengeance on Niklas. They do this by setting his boat on fire after he and his men leave port, burning alive. Then we jump to modern-day with the town getting ready to celebrate their annuals Sinterklass celebration, having forgotten the truth about St. Niklas and romanticizing him. Only a…show more content…
This one is no exception and while I do admit that it's no Thankskilling, Silent Night Deadly Night, or even close to the caliber that Trick 'r Treat is. Sint still has some fun scenes and a villain that while not unique or extraordinarily memorable, he's still fun and works well for the film's…show more content…
The same can be said for Niklas's horse, even though he isn't featured that much, the fake burns look just that fake. On the other hand, I was impressed by Niklas's make up, who's burned visage spoke more about his character than his actions

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