Effects Of Astronomical Cycles On Earth

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Will Porritt 90954 Demonstrate understanding of the effects of astronomical cycles on planet Earth 2016 INTRODUCTION In this report I will be talking about astronomical cycles on the earth and how it relate to day and night, temperature change over twenty four hour,season and temperature changes over winter and summer in New Zealand. All of these will relate to different astronomical cycles which create effects on the earth. Day and Night Day and night is caused by the tilt of the earth, which is caused by the 23.5 degrees in the earth's axis. What the earth is spinning which run through the earth and starts at the north pole and goes to south pole the axis is a imaginary line through the earth which it spins on. The earth spins on it axis from west to east which it take 24 hours for the earth to spin around once. This means that the north and south pole will only receive half of year of sunlight each, because of the way the earth tilt and where the sun light is facing. That's why some country are really hot because they face right at the sun and they have…show more content…
In winter the earth is at an angle in which is less exposed meaning less sunlight therefore a cooler temperature. In the summer earth is exposed to more sunlight hours therefore a hotter temperature. From summer to autumn to winter to spring, the temperature is involved from the number of hours light the earth receives causing a change in temperature depending on the angle of the earth is received. In New Zealand we are in the southern hemisphere and therefore receive it points away from the sun, in the months of June, July and August. So therefore in the summer months in New Zealand are in December, January and February when the South Pole is tilted towards the direct Sun and the Northern Hemisphere is tilted away.From this it causes a drop in temperature making it vary in temperature from winter to

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