Russian Civil War Aka 'Battle Of The Cowshed'

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Russian Civil War aka "Battle of the Cowshed" The book Animal Farm by George Orwell is about the Russian Revolution. Everything in the book a representation of things that happened in the Russian Revolution. In the book the, "Battle of the Cowshed", is a representation of the Russian Civil War. Instead of humans the book uses animals to represent the people involved in the revolution. The Animal Farm, when first read, seems like a silly story about a farm, but is actually about an important event in history. The book's animals represent many of the people involved in the Russian Revolution. Leon Trotsky is represented in the book by Snowball. Vladimir Lenin in the…show more content…
The war lead the complaints about War Communism and Bolshevik policies. Even the sailors at Krondstadt, who were supporters of Bolsheviks, rebelled in protest of conditions. It lead to the replacement of War Communism with the New Economic Policy. The Russian Civil War is found in the novel at the “Battle of the Cowshed”. According to Animal Farm the book, schools, and Britannica the Reds in the book are the animals. The Whites in the book are the humans that came to attack. In the book the animals took control over the farm with force like how the Reds took over Russia with force. The humans came back to try to take back the farm like how the Whites did to Russia. The humans were defeated by the animals though like how the Whites were defeated by the Reds. The animals won because Snowball knew how to make a good battle plan. “Snowball, who had studied an old book of Julius Caesar’s campaigns which he had found in the farmhouse, was in charge of the defensive operations”(40). The Reds won because Trotsky was a brilliant war leader and strategist. The entire Russian War was all about a power struggle just like the “Battle of

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