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Ruby the mother of King Hedley in August Wilson play "King Hedley II" is just like any other parent. She worries about her son in what he does, where he goes, and that he is taken care of. As we were all once children we are able to grasp and understand how parents often make decisions that we do not always agree with. Despite the challenges we face with our parents we understand that they love us. King failed to grasp this belief. He resented his mother for all the poor decisions made in her life that later affected his. In the beginning of the play you sense the anger, and hatred King feels for his mother and the love Ruby has for her son. King and Ruby encounter many arguments, fights, and much disrespect on Kings part. As the play "King Hedley" continues you begin to see the relationship between King and Ruby…show more content…
Ruby made a sacrifice by leaving her son with someone else because she may have felt as though she could not give him the life he needed. Ruby instead decided to pursue her career in hopes of becoming famous. She did send Louise money to help provide for her son. King relates to sacrifices being made because he has made some provide for his family. King made a big sacrifice when he made the decision to rob a jewelry store. He risked going back to jail and missing the life of his family. By having what he calls the "pot" and having his family go without basic things like a phone is a huge sacrifice because he has to watch his family struggle while he attempts to create a better life for him and his family. King begins to accept Ruby maybe because he can relate to some of her actions and he sees that she did not have bad intentions. King is now able to relate to his mother. His mom made sacrifices so that King could live a better life. King even stopped his efforts in trying to kill Pernell. I believe that King was now able to relate to Ruby and understand some of her

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