Romeo And Juliet Conflict Essay

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In Romeo and Juliet – a film made in 2013, and directed by Carlo Carlei, conflict is a key element to the storyline, production and script. It's shown through costumes, sets, dialogue, characters, lighting, visuals and much more, but I will be mainly outlining conflict shown through characters, settings, costumes and visuals. Firstly, characters. The characters in Romeo and Juliet are extensive, and all show various different traits that conflict with each other. Romeo, son of Montague, is a flowery romantic who values beauty and art, coupled with Juliet, a soft spoken daughter of Capulet, who is driven by her love to defy those around her. Both of these characters are shown a stark difference in personalities when compared to those around…show more content…
Many characters also show different views, such as Juliets mother and father who pressure her to marry against her wishes, and then Juliets nurse, who then stands up for her rights to marry whoever she wants. Secondly, conflict is resembled in this film visually through the use of camera angles, lighting and positioning. In most cases of the movie, whenever capulets are around montagues, they are clearly shown to be standing opposite of eachother, or in large groups. A notable scene is when Tybalt is approaching Benvolio and Merticucio from a distance. As he approaches them, more Capulets are shown to appear behind him, and as the camera pans over to Benvolio and Merticucio, it shows Montagues behind them. Another notable scene would be when a juxtaposition is used between two characters; Romeo and Tybalt. As Romeo is getting married to Juliet, then celebrating with her afterwards in a sunny meadow, Tybalt is preparing himself for a fight, sharpening his swords and practicing attacks. All of these scenes are shown in a quick montague that builds

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