Dave Murdoch's The Man Who Owns The News

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across Asia. Throughout the late 1980s, he purchased several prestigious American and British academic and literary publishing companies and consolidated them into HarperCollins in 1990. Murdoch has also invested in sports; he is a part owner of the Los Angeles Kings NHL franchise, the Los Angeles Lakers NBA franchise and the Staples Center, as well as FOX Sports Radio and FOXSports.com. – According to his online Biography on Biography.com In 2004 one distressing event caught headlines. Outlined in The Man Who Owns the News, “In a move that the company’s bankers and its CFO, Dave DeVoe, think will help raise the price of News Corp. Shares, the company, after long debate, decides to formally transfer itself from an Australian company to an American one, and to transfer itself from the Australiain Stock Exchange to the New York Stock Exchange. When that happens- and News Corp. and its bankers are well aware of this- all the News Corp. stock that is held by index funds in Australia (That is the funds benchmarked to the Australian market) will automatically be put for sale by their institutional holders. This happens on November 2, Election Day in the United States, which ought to find Murdoch directing the repurchase of his News corp. shares, but…show more content…
to New York on the phone getting exit numbers that are then showing John Kerry on his way to becoming president. Arriving in New York, Murdoch heads to Fox News. He gets glummer through the evening and has more and more to drink, until, sitting with Roger Ailes in the control room as the raw data comes in, the results begin to turn toward George W. Bush’s

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