Spring Registration Essay

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I am your Faculty Advisor and I wanted to remind you of some important dates. As you may already know Spring Registration will open on November 16th (Academic Calendar). Now is the time to register to ensure you get the classes you want & need! To plan for next semester, you should first View Your Advisement Report. This document will show all courses you must complete to graduate from VWCC. It will also show you which requirements you have already completed and for any requirements not complete, it will provide you with a list of courses that can be used to fill that requirement. I also recommend that you print off a copy of your Program of Study; as you look over your Advisement Report check or cross off completed courses on your Program of Study sheet. Now you are ready to build your schedule for next semester! You can view the Class Schedule on our VWCC website or you can log in to MyVWCC and search classes through SIS. Once you know which classes you wish to take, be sure to log in to MyVWCC and enroll in classes (the first day to enroll is November 16th). If you have difficulty adding/enrolling in the courses you have selected or just need computer access check out our Registration Room– click here for information on hours and location! Once you are finished…show more content…
My office hours are: _________________________ or you can contact me to see if alternate times are available. Please bring the list of classes you think you would like to take next semester and we will review list and provide suggestions or recommendations. If, due to scheduling conflicts, you cannot meet with me you can also try scheduling an appointment with your Program Advisor - ¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬___________________. You can view their schedule and set up an appointment time through MyVWCC by following these

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