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The Advantages of Vape In a world of choices people often make the wrong one causing a decline in our health. That being said even after wrong choices are made an individual can still improve their lives. Often teens make the choice to experiment with cigarettes and dip early in high school and they develop lifelong habits that hurt themselves and others. In present day technology a safer alternative to cigarettes has been developed and this alternative can give a second chance to individuals without causing them withdraw symptoms; that alternative would be electronic cigarettes or vaporizers. These devices are made of simple ingredients that are food grade making them safer to ingest or have in your body. Habits like cigarettes and dip are…show more content…
In other words it is perfectly safe. The actual manufacturing of e-liquid as well as electronic cigarettes were based around an individual's death and his sons grief and fear of following in his father's footsteps having an addiction to cigarettes. That said most who vape don’t stick to tobacco flavors. As such eliquid is made of to give any number of fruity, creamy, or dessert flavors4. That’s not to say that the nicotine in most e-liquids is not present but rather is an additive that is not always present. Nicotine is actually the most dangerous part of most e-liquids as it is a highly addictive substance with some potentially harmful aspects. The nicotine in e-liquids as in all nicotine inclusive products is in fact slightly acidic and on a pull or drag can get into the lungs causing problems for those with respiratory issues7. This is however not an issue that has cause documented problems for individuals in the general population particularly those whom are already smokers. These individuals can receive nothing but benefits from the electronic devices and the e-liquid by comparison of analog

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