Why I Want To Be A Coast Guard Essay

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I write with the conviction of someone who knows with full certainty exactly what they want out of life. My goal, my purpose, is to protect those who are unable to protect themselves, to secure the country that has given me more than I could ever give in return, and to safeguard the values and way of life this nation holds dear. The world, as I see it, is divided into two competing camps, one for order, and another for disorder. The safety and security we enjoy, and often take for granted, in the United States is a rare and precious commodity. It did not come about by accident. The reason we can we can plan our lives with reasonable confidence in what the future will bring is due greatly in part to the tireless efforts of the men and women of the Armed Forces.…show more content…
It is both our first and last line of defense. It is the only branch which bears military, humanitarian, and law enforcement responsibilities as a part of its ongoing mission to secure the homeland. It is this comprehensive approach that drives my yearning to become a Coast Guardsman and to live by the Guardian Ethos. In addition to my desire to become part of the Coast Guard as a whole, I am specifically motivated to join the ranks of its Officer Corps. As an Officer tasked with greater responsibilities, I would have more opportunities to nourish the growth and development of those whom I am commissioned to lead and serve with. I believe in placing the interests of others before my own, in dedicating myself wholeheartedly to whatever goal I set myself and pursuing it relentlessly. More than anything I wish to contribute, and I can think of no better way of doing so than by becoming an Officer in the United States Coast

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