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Society and the reception of the enslaved Africans The slaves were classed in different social groups of slavery. The worst group to be in was the Maroons, which consisted of slaves that either rebelled against the white American slave masters. Some of the slaves managed to free themselves and established societies of free slaves in South America. Though if the slaves that got captured while fleeing would either be subjected to brutal punishments as witnessed by an early 18th century visitor of Suriname; "...if a slave runs away into the forest in order to avoid work for a few weeks, upon his being captured his Achilles tendon is removed for the first offense, while for a second offense... his right leg is amputated in order to stop his running away; I myself was a witness to slaves being punished this way." The group after the Maroons that had to live through difficult conditions and be inferior to the next person both socially and in-laws were those who worked in the fields. The slaves out on the fields were often physically abused as it was allowed by the government.18 Domestic slaves belonged to the group that had easier tasks than working on fields. These slaves or servants often possessed a degree of intellect such as reading and writing the national language but yet served the farmer. The last group consists of former slaves…show more content…
The Northern states began with gradually passing laws or constitution, first by freeing the children born to slave mothers. The economy of the Northern states were no longer dependent on the slavery while the southern states, on the contrary was a crucial element of the economy in South. WIth the major cotton industry and the invention of the cotton gin in 1793 that required more cheap slave labor in Southern states, estimated population of over four million

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