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After an interview with Mr. Robert Radtke I would like to inform you of the murder of Timmy Jole. Robert Radtke was Timmy's caregiver and had always held a grudge for Mr. Joles eye. I have confirmed that Robert Radtke has a severe mental illness. Mr Radtke told me about all of the things that he felt inside his body while taking care of Mr. Jole. He would get angry when he would see the eye due to the film that had laid on top of it. Robert would hear all things in the Heaven and in the Hell. Nervousness would fall upon him every time that he saw the eye and he felt the urge of having to kill Timmy Jole. At about Midnight every night, Robert would creep up to Timmy's bedroom. On some nights it would take him an hour to just to get to the

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