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Marriage Today's society has had many problems in marriages. From stepping out on the one you vowed to be with forever to leaving them standing where they are. As society goes through all these troubles you start to lose all hope in what you have tried to build for yourself and your family. Robert Lowell's poem To Speak of the Woe That is in Marriage has been somewhat of a guide dealing with marriage. When you hear someone else's story it makes you think about how your marriage is right now. Looking out of the window, searching for a lovely day can come with a price. Waking up next to a total stranger can be a nightmare. That's what comes with marriage sometimes. You have to keep the mindset that you vowed to be with this man/woman for eternity till death do you apart. But sometimes enough can be enough. You feel as if all you have put into your marriage can vanish in a second. Just because of one, a few or sometimes many problems your husband/wife has done. And those problems can sometimes make you not want to continue your marriage.…show more content…
They sometimes can even be stepping out on your marriage with someone else, even have other families they have to tend to and you're wondering why things aren't adding up in your own home. In Lowell's poem mentioned earlier a line from it says "The hot night makes us keep our bedroom windows open." (Line 1) This is just how enraged the wife is with anger that their windows have to stay open at night. " . . . he is so unjust" (Line 8), meaning her husband has driven her to not believe anything he says. She doesn't feel as if he is her husband anymore. He's a total stranger living a double

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