How Does Unferth Present Betrayal In Beowulf

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Betrayal Betrayal is a strong feeling that is hard to forgive. Sometimes people die without forgiving the person that betrayed them. other times they seek for revenge. With this in mind, in both excerpt about Unferth from “Beowulf” and the poem “The Wife’s Lament”, the theme of betrayal and anger are strongly presents in the texts. However, Beowulf, Unferth, and the wife expresses their feelings with different actions. In “Beowulf” Unferth shows his anger and betrayal to Beowulf. For instance, he mentions “for seven nights you both toiled in the water; but Breca outstayed you, he was stronger…” “Beowulf” Line 465-467. Unferth here show how he is angry that Beowulf come to help them when he can't even win a swimming competition. He also feels betrayed that they are going to fight Grendel when Unferth can try again to defeat him. He shows his anger by reminding them that Beowulf lost the competition. Unferth shows his feelings by offending Beowulf about losing a competition.…show more content…
For example, Beowulf states, “ has made you talkative: you have told us much about Breca and his exploits” “Beowulf” Line 447-449. Beowulf in a way expresses betrayal because he does not know his side of the story. Unferth only talks about Breca and not about what he did. Then he states, “ Neither you nor Breca have yet dared such a deed with shining sword in battle...” “Beowulf” Line 501-503. He expresses his feeling of betrayal because he has done more than what Unferth and Brecqa have done. Beowulf responds by explaining his side of the story and then offending

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