How Does Beowulf Show Courage

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The first trait that is highly regarded amongst the Anglo-Saxon people is courageous. A first way the Beowulf shows his courageousness in the story actually occurs outside the text, and is only mentioned in the passage; this is Beowulf’s journey to becoming a distinguished warrior, which includes when he defeated all those giants, a couple years before he battles Grendel. Through this we are easily able to tell that the Anglo-Saxons valued courage because, only when Beowulf performed acts of courage did he become known in Geatland. Beowulf also shows courage when he faces Grendel’s mother. Prior to the battle, Beowulf falls through a lake for hours and hours which is singlehandedly incredible, but during the actual battle itself Beowulf also shows an immense amount of courageousness. This…show more content…
Now given he does end up using a magical sword to defeat her, he nonetheless had a lot of courage and perseverance to be able to simply not give up before getting to that point. This demonstrates the Anglo-Saxon people’s appreciativeness for courage in their people, especially warriors, because Beowulf was obviously brought up on the values of his people, so his display of courage speaks for the values of the Anglo-Saxons. Another trait highly valued amongst the Anglo-Saxon people, and strongly represented in Beowulf, is loyalty. The first primary example of loyalty in this story is when Beowulf has gone to defeat Grendel’s mother and his men stayed for hours and hours waiting for him to return even when all other the Danes went back to Heorot assuming he was dead. This shows the importance of loyalty to your leader and country in the Anglo-Saxon culture seeing as though lots and lots of

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