Rikki-Theme Of Bravery

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In Rudyard Kipling's story, "Rikki-Tikki-Tavi", the theme bravery is told throughout the story. The theme bravery is seen in Rikki's actions, is told in the following. Rudyard first introduces the idea bravery in the scene when Rikki fought Karait. Rikki was brave enough to fight Karait, which is more dangerous than fighting Nag. Karait was so small that he could turn and strike Rikki with his venomous bite, which is more venomous than a Cobras bite. A quote from the text says, "If Rikki-Tikki had only known, he was doing a much more dangerous thing than fighting Nag, for Karait was so small and he could turn so quickly that unless Rikki bit him close to the back of his head, he would get the return stroke in his eye or lip "(26). This supports the theme of Bravery.…show more content…
Rikki was brave enough to fight Nag all by himself, in a small room with no one near enough to hear him. He fought Nag because he was going to kill the father of Timmy in the morning when he bathed. A quote in the text says, "Then he jumped. The head was lying a little clear of the water jar, under the curve of it; and his teeth met, Rikki braced his back against the bulge of the red earthenware to hold the head " (28). Rikki-tikki fought Nag by himself because he was protecting his family. A final example of bravery is the scene when Rikki followed Nagaina in the rat hole. Rikki was protecting his family when Nagaina tried to kill them. Rikki came with her last precious egg. He set it down to fight her, but as they were fighting, Nagaina was getting closer and closer to her egg. At last, she reached her egg and slithered off. Rikki ran after her. With Darzee's wife's help, he caught up to her and followed in the rat hole. Following Nagaina into the rat hole is the Bravest thing a mongoose can do.

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