Unit 18 Sport Injuries: Extrinsic Factors In Sports

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Unit 18 Sport Injuries – Assignment 1 Extrinsic, Intrinsic and Preventative measures Intrinsic factors Intrinsic factor is a force from within the body, these are usually forces that occur inside the body, stresses against muscles or bones. A postural defect is where the spine is positioned in a way which is abnormal to a normal spine. A normal spine should be straight as it is the backbone of the human body, but some people may have misshaped spines. There are 3 main types of spine defects Lordosis, Kyphosis and Scoliosis. Lordosis is where the spine will curve inwards towards the bottom of the spine. Scoliosis is where the spine will be curved sideways in a C or S shape. Kyphosis is where it is rounded towards the top of the spine usually at a 50degree angle. These injuries can cause lack of mobility and…show more content…
This would prevent the spinal figure from being deformed so when you play a sport such as football don’t put your body through stress and unnatural bending and tearing. Not warming up is where before you take part in any physical sport you need to make sure that you warm up, but some people may not warm up properly before the game and they may get an injury resulting from not warming up. You need to make sure that you warm up the majority of your body parts to prevent you from getting injured. You can prevent getting injured from not warming up properly by before the you take part make sure that you have a full body warm up warming up all of the body parts that is going to be needed or you could make up an warm up plan that you follow making sure that you cover the whole body. Doing a proper warm up before you take part will ensure that you minimise the risk of getting injured. You can do this by doing dynamic and static

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