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Throughout Hattie McDaniel’s life she did a lot of amazing things and was one of the first to accomplish amazing goals. One Famous quote from Hattie was “ Hell, I’d rather play a maid than be one”. In this quote she explains how she doesn’t want to be more like most African American women and settle for a house maid. She goes beyond that and becomes an actress and her role was playing a maid, but she thought playing a maid was better than making that a career job. Hattie was born on June 10, 1895 in Wichita Kansas and died october 26, 1952. Hattie was about 200 pounds and was a black African American women. In her lifetime she achieved goals that made her a star. Hattie’s early life was a little hard, her first school that she attended to was the 24th Street Elementary School in Denver. Hattie was only one of the two blacks in her entire class. She was a big singer at an early age and she would sing at church(chore), school, and at home. After she spent a…show more content…
When Hattie went to high school for only two years is when things started happening. After the two years Hattie went to become a professional. It was very rare that African Americans went into show biz. Hattie McDaniel was the first African American female to win an Oscar. She won this Oscar soon after she starred in “Gone with the Wind” playing the role of Mammy. She won her Oscar award in the year of 1940. Back to where it all started in 1925 when Hattie was invited to perform on Denver’s “KOA Radio Station”. Her first performance was amazing and she was off to be the first African American women to sing on the radio in the United States. She worked something called the “ vaudeville circuit” for a couple of years (about three years). In 1929 Hattie was not doing the best and had to get a job as a restroom attendant to make more money in her income. But to ease her nerves Hattie got a steady gig at Sam Pick's club in

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