Stereotypes In 'Pretty Little Liars'

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Pretty Little Liars is a unique mix of thriller, drama, mystery, and romance that manages to ensnare the attention of millions of viewers. It all starts with four girls and one text. Young women everywhere are entranced by the thrilling lives of the liars. Every episode is filled with suspense and countless questions waiting to be answered. The show is very unique, which is presumably why it has become so immensely popular. It has been said that there is always a small amount of truth behind every lie, and these four liars try as hard as they can to make sure the truth stays hidden. Those who created the show were very good at including a multitude of stereotypes. There are four main characters, the liars, who are Aria, the artistic one who has an ongoing sexual relationship with her high school English teacher; Hanna, the rich dumb blonde with divorced parents; Emily, the athletic one who eventually comes out and…show more content…
And that is exactly what "Pretty Little Liars" is: a glamorous, spooky, adolescent fantasy," says Linda Stasi, who wrote this in her Pretty Little Liars review online. She is right on point when she writes this. Teenage girls have absolutely fallen in love with the nonsensical, gaudy lives that these four characters get. Even though, most people would agree that Aria being involved with her English teacher, Mr. Fitz is inappropriate, it is hard not to be enthralled by the two of them together. It does not help either that Mr. Ezra Fitz is an extremely handsome young adult. All four of the girls have expansive wardrobes and always dress to impress. Never would a teenage girl dress the way these four girls do on a daily basis. Their hair is always perfect, they all have perfect bodies, their makeup always looks flawless, but that is what girls covet and therefore it draws them in to watch the

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