Culture Identity And Globalization

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Matthew Terblanche TRBMAT002 AXL1200S : Africa: Culture, Identity & Globalization 13 October 2017 Assignment 2 Africa: Culture, Identity & Globalization When referring to identity or identity markers there is a vast understanding of what is implied. When I think of my identity markers as a person I think of things like, I am South African, I am a male, I am a Capetonian, I am an engineering student, I am a Christian, and I am English and Afrikaans. These identity markers that I have mentioned fall under a few categories such as gender, occupation, culture and religion. I agree with Sharp and Boonzaier’s statement regarding the Nama ethnic identity saying that it is role-play and a performance that is modified according to context. The…show more content…
They would also differ as to when I would be describing them to a certain group of people. Some of my identity markers will always be fixed or the same such as the fact that I am South African and I am a male and that I am Christian. Others may differ over time such as my occupation. I am now and engineering student but hopefully in a few years I would be able to qualify as a professional engineer. If I was talking to somebody from South Africa I would identify as a Capetonian because they would understand what I mean with this. But if I was talking to somebody from America that has never been to South Africa I would identify as a South African as they won’t know what it means to be Capetonian and how people differ such as people from Port Elizabeth differ from people from Cape Town in the sense that Capetonian's are more English and modernized whilst the majority of people in Port Elizabeth are Afrikaans speaking people and are older. I also identify as English and Afrikaans as half of my family is English and the other half Afrikaans. My English is a lot stronger than my Afrikaans but I still identify as Afrikaans as I have grown up with many Afrikaans traditions. Depending on the context most of the time, when asked, I would identify just as English because I am not very good at speaking Afrikaans and therefore I won’y be expected to do so. As you can see I adapt my identity markers according to the certain situation or

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