Rhetorical Analysis Of The Applegate Commercial

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This commercial is one in a series that Applegate released. I like this commercial the best personally, which is why I picked it over the others. In this commercial a woman sits interviewing a body builder who is wearing a cow costume. She asks him questions to determine if his meat is natural, stating that she needs all natural beef because she won’t have her kids eating growth hormones. She then finds a needle sticking in the body builder’s arm and with the assumption that he is in fact taking steroids she crosses his product off of a list she is holding. Applegate’s tagline then comes on asking what’s in your hot dog? This Applegate commercial attempts to convince the audience that their product is superior to other brands. They do this by trying to convince the audience that their meet is all natural, while other companies use preservatives and steroids. Applegate uses the humor of dressing a body builder as a cow to sell their product. Using this kind of humor draws the audience into the commercial and keeps them interested, in order to ultimately sell their product to their target audience. Their target audience is…show more content…
When working with at thirty second commercial it is hard to see all of the intricate pieces that make up the six elements of rhetoric. This commercial does the best that it can in the time allotted. They create a virtual experience with all of the details in the house, and with the woman playing the mother. The audience can recognize that the house is like every other house, and that for the most part the woman is like every other mother in the world. This allows the audience to remember their own past events and relate them to the commercial they are watching. Applegate also gives the audience a chance to take in what they are seeing. If they didn’t give the audience this moment the virtual experience would broken by the strangeness of the scene. Altering perceptions is

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