Rhetorical Analysis Essay On 9/11

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September 11,2001, a day in history no american will ever forget. Seeing planes crash into the Twin Towers and watching them collapse is an event frozen in time. People jumping out of buildings to escape, car sirens blaring, crying, screaming, smoke, fire, tragedy all part of this horrendous catastrophe. Across the country, authors write about 9/11 in an attempt to convey the emotions felt on that day. One of these authors is Thomas Beller whom in his short story “The Ashen Guy: Lower Broadway, September 11,2001” uses a chaotic tone to talk about the events of 9/11. Using diction is one way that Beller created a chaotic tone. Single words in his story are used create this tone. These words Beller could have substituted for a more placid synonym;however, using the words he did added to the tone he was aiming for. Beller…show more content…
In the beginning of the story, Beller uses long and formal sentences. Towards the end the sentences became much shorter and choppy. Shortening the sentences shows more of a chaotic view. Beller also begins to use reiteration of words especially in the beginning of sentences. In paragraph five ,for example, each sentence begins with either “he” or “his” and are much shorter that the previous paragraphs. These shorter sentences show the thought process going through the speaker’s mind at the time of the explosion versus just minutes before when everything was normal. The repetition also shows the pandemonium through the loss of time spent on the writing. Generally, the more varied the sentences the more time the speaker has. Therefore, by repeating the same word the audience begins to feel this rushed and chaotic tone. Also included in sentence structure is the frequent use of quotations later in the story. In the beginning, Beller uses hardly any quotations from people;however, as the story progresses he uses more quotes from people speaking to show how frantic and chaotic they

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