Comfort Me With Apples Tracey Tougherty Analysis

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In the story, “Comfort Me With Apples,” written by Tracey Daugherty, the author used imagery in a different manner than that of Viramontes. This author focused more on using imagery to describe the lives George and the two families whom he had become close to, the Zamoras and the Thuots, lived. With the imagery Daugherty used, we could see that George was seeking something to fill the void he had within. He had lost Jean, his wife, in an accident and was left all alone. He found his solution. He would now tell the hardships immigrants faced living in poverty here in Houston. Daugherty used apples in his story as a reminder of Jean. She always dreamed of having an apple tree planted in her backyard, a dream she got to fulfill. Now that she was gone,…show more content…
He is often reminded that he survived while the only family he had, his wife, died. It makes the reader feel sadness as one is reading this. He is blaming himself for living a life without her, he feels as if he should’ve died with her. Now Daugherty used the Buffalo Bayou to accentuate the conditions some families were living in. People of low income like the Thuots lived close to this polluted Bayou and used the water for baths. It shows the necessity these families had. SpiderMan is depicted as the Hero in comic books/movies, he is mentioned quite often here because I believe George is somewhat of a Hero to these two immigrant families. Like Peter Parker(SpiderMan) he lost everything, only left with his Aunt May, yet he still managed to fight off evil. That is George in someway, he lost it all yet he stood strong and fought for the voice of those immigrant families. George gave the Zamoras and the Thuots a sense of hope. I thought the closing of the group in the batmobile symbolized a new beginning. The moment where he left the ghosts that chased him behind and was eager for the start of a new life. I liked the fact that the setting of the story was here in

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