How Did Margaret Brown Help People After The Titanic

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Margaret Brown known as the “Unsinkable Molly Brown” was always very selfless and charitable. When people think of her they usually only think about what she did on the Titanic, but she had been helping people since before the Titanic and continued to help people after the Titanic (“Molly Brown.”). Before the titanic Margaret was involved in woman’s suffrage, helped in local soup kitchens, and did countless hours of charity and volunteering. While Margret was on the Titanic she was letting people get in lifeboat 6 before she was forced in, how she was unable to help passengers floating in the water on lifeboat 6, and she saved people and took care of them on the Carpathia. After the Titanic sunk, she raised money on the Carpathia for all the survivors, helped people in any way she could, and continued to fight for labor rights, women’s rights, children’s literacy, and historic preservation ("Titanic Survivor Stories."). Margaret Brown was a hero before the Titanic, while on the Titanic, and after the Titanic sunk. Before the Titanic sunk Margaret helped fight for women’s rights,…show more content…
Having her fluency in many languages she was able to talk to the survivors and help them find their families and raise money for them (“Molly Brown.”). She continued to help people in any way she could, “When World War I broke out Margaret traveled to France and helped establish a relief station for the soldiers. Her knowledge in French was put to good use” (Lewis). “Margaret Brown also established herself in the political arena. She ran for Senate in 1912, eight years before women had a right to vote in the United States” (Titanic survivor stories), her doing that made women realize that they can do the same things men could and they started to believe themselves more. She was also the first ever woman to run for congress, she was very into woman’s suffrage and helping women get the same rights as

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