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“Revelation,” one of the three final works of American short story writer Flannery O’Connor wrote before her death in 1964 deals primarily with the issues of a southern woman and her ordering of people into where she believes they belong in society, and the problems that come with a mindset and worldview of that sort. The story starts out in a doctor’s crowded waiting room with Mrs. Turpin, the protagonist of the story, with her husband Claud at the doctor’s office due to a kick by a cow. in that waiting room, there is only one seat free which Mrs. Turpin gives to Claud because of his leg. She expects that an older woman would have a child move from beside her, but this doesn’t happen. As soon as Mrs. Turpin walks into the room she starts by judging its…show more content…
(354-355) The story goes on with Mrs. Turpin making pleasant conversation with most all of the people in the waiting room, while continuing to get dirty looks from Mary Grace, the ugly girl. The conversation centers around Mrs. Turpin and her farm. The reader can see, through the narrator's ability to see into Mrs. Turpin’s consciousness, that while on the surface of things she seems to be a very amiable individual, she is very prejudiced against people for race, class, and physical appearance. After some time of this sort of talk, Mary Grace, the “ugly girl” with whose face was “blue with acne,” was so infuriated by what was coming out of Mrs. Turpin’s mouth, but more so what she saw coming from her mind, that she took the book she was reading, and pitched it right to Mrs. Turpin’s eye. Mary Grace, seemingly possessed, says this to Mrs. Turpin: “Go back to hell, where you came from , you old wart hog” (354-355, 364). This was the second “book” so to speak. Mrs. Turpin goes home, and is so disturbed by these words thrown at her, that she doesn’t even tell Claud about what Mary Grace had

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