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How and Who Made Synthetic Colors/dyes A man with name of William Perkin made the first ever synthetic colors. While attending a college in London, he was attempting to create artificial quinine when his accident occurred. While trying to make the quinine something went wrong; he was very shocked to find a sludgy, thick purple substance was created. He was very intrigued by the color he had created, which was named “mauve”; this was the very first synthetic color/dye to ever be made. After Perkin made the dye, he dropped out of school to open a factory that would produce many of the mauve colored things. With the color it did not fade or even wash out which helped turn him into a very successful and wealthy man. Not only had he created a new…show more content…
Artists use these to create pieces of artwork so without synthetic colors the artwork we have seen in the past along with today’s artwork modern artwork, would not be the same. Without them there would not be as much vibrant color, which is so popular today. Synthetic colors can be found in all different types of media such as crayons, color pencils, and even spray paint. Bright and vibrant color can be found in many peoples art, which helps make them stand out even more than they would have if there were no synthetic colors. Some believe that dyeing hair can be an art form, but with out the synthetic dye that is in the hair coloring, there would be no vibrancy. Take crayons as and example, crayon art is a modern style of artwork that it becoming more popular as time goes on. With the help of the synthetic colors in them the variety of colors become greater, which creates a better piece of artwork. Another example is hair dye, the bright pinks and reds and blues would no be used. People would not see bright awesome hair anymore if these colors/ dyes did not exist. With the help of the colors, they have made a lasting impact on today and past

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