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Nutella: Full artificial flavors petroleum-based, milk of sick cows, GMO soybeans and various sugars Is it really Nutella excellent choice for any start to the day as all advertising the same saying? As far as awful to be the bearer of bad news, it's time to stand up for themselves and their children and say no to GMO products which we are almost poetic advertised under the guise of healthy food. When that moment, the turning point in our head that we have become so susceptible to the influence, so naive and so lazy to think for a moment before the attack the police looking for his copy of the silent killer that is poisoning us repeatedly from day to day, and we put allow blind because we believe lures from advertising that says it's healthy…show more content…
Mom of advertising works really hard to convince us that Nutella is part of a healthy meal, although it actually is not a part of anything healthy. Hazards Nutella: SOYA Many will oppose this opinion because Asian cultures consume soy often for centuries and is sure why it's good for us. Asian cultures actually consume very small amounts of naturally grown soybeans, does not approximate quantity as we do. More specifically, in this case we are talking about soy lecithin, and he's not your friend. Why? It’s causing thyroid depression, uncontrolled weight gain, fatigue, delay menstruation, premature entry into puberty, and breast cancer. No, no, you are not a friend of the soy lecithin. SUGAR Sugar from genetically modified sugar beet is known as a very inexpensive full of pesticides and altered sugar that our bodies do not recognize as sugar. The most important thing is that the Subtle. Less important is that these sugars are called neurotoxins because of their ability to cross the blood brain barrier and when that causes the death of brain cells. They are also associated with cases such as ADD, ADHD, autism, depression, anxiety, migraine and the

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