Personal Narrative: My Growing Up In Guatemala

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Madinson Martinez Coming from another country looking for the American dream and that pursuit of happiness is a good reason to never forget the place we came from. Having been born and raised in Guatemala I feel that every person is significant. People who come from their native country never forget the experiences they had with their loved ones and friends back home. Growing up in Guatemala is the most unique and most beautiful things that could have happened to me. The traditions and holidays for example, Guatemala Holy week is one experience I’m really proud of. I’m proud of it because since I was six years old I have been involved in religious activities. It is quite a unique experience because of the huge floats with crosses, statutes…show more content…
When I was seven years old I began selling sandwiches, cold beverages, and sometimes hot meals to workers in the banks and factories where I lived. Of course, I don’t remember many of the details, but I remember helping my dear grandmother carry empty baskets and bags home after a long day of work. Every weekend my grandmother would ask me if I would like to go with her, even though I was a bad kid when I was little I still manage to get up early in the morning listen and help my grandmother. Many of my friends would be jealous of me because my grandmother would always give me money for a snack or something. I wouldn’t change this experience for nothing in the world. After those long weekends I still managed to go to school and worked hard so I could be someone in live someday. Every report card I received my family was proud of me because they worked hard to give me a good education. Another tradition, I miss from my dear country is Ash Wednesday. This tradition supposedly marks the beginning of the season of penance, reflection , and fasting which prepares us for Christ’s resurrection on Easter Sunday, but where I lived one week before ash Wednesday you would see kids running around with ash on their hands to put it on…show more content…
I was always in a group of kids, they would run around anybody even tourists and put ashes on their face, there was one time a tourist from Spain I believe was staying in a hotel right next to my house , he was a fun guy he played soccer with us and everything but we told him not to come out in ash Wednesday and like always people never listen so he came out and was running like crazy all over the town since he knew about our traditions but after running a lot anybody gets tired so we finally got him right on his face and he was okay with that after all. This experience is very unique, hilarious, and fun, that could never be replaced with anything in the world. These experiences went on and on until 2008 when my grandmother died and a part of my heart died as well since I was so attached to her. Months passed and I was still thinking about my dear grandmother, my mother came to the united states before we did so she can fix the papers of my brother and mine, so I stayed with my neighbor almost for a year and the was another experience I miss so much since I love my neighbor she’s like a second mother to me. After having fun and experiencing many things in my country my parents decided to bring me and my brother to the United States in the pursuit of happiness and a way better education. During the first months my family experienced immigration issues in the end,

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