Reflective Account On Child Development

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When my cousin was born two years ago my interest in working with children in the primary sector was intensified by my involvement in his upbringing. As he has grown, I have helped continually to develop his skills and encourage and aid him in his learning. The sense of achievement this has given me is something I truly value and is therefore a major factor in my choice to apply for this course. Within my current course, I have completed many units which link to working with children. 'Caring for Children and Young People', as one that I took a particular interest in and I believe I now have an insight on how to identify signs of abuse and neglect, and what steps to follow in order to ensure that the child is safe. This unit has made me feel more confident in teaching younger people, as I feel I can apply what I have learnt in a working environment. The second unit that has elements applicable to…show more content…
I successfully completed four such placements in primary schools and nurseries. Throughout each placement, I was able to shadow and observe staff so as to see first-hand how they interacted and worked with the children. These particular experiences allowed me to pick up many different skills, such as, communication, leadership, teamwork, as well as helping me to become more aware of areas in which I needed to improve. I am an effective listener which is vital when working with children because by doing so it shows we care for the students entrusted to our care helping motivate them to learn. My placements have helped me to become more confident and a better communicator, as a result of working closely with staff and children. I am able to work well independently and also as part as a team; my current course requires me to complete numerous group tasks, something which I am managing

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