Personal Narrative: My Hero's Death

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Retirement was not easy. Obviously money was not the problem. I was independently wealthy from my maternal grandfather’s trust fund and I was also set to inherit all of my uncle and aunt’s wealth. But, retirement was difficult for a different reason. I had not quit because I had reached the pinnacle of my career and had accomplished everything that I had set out to accomplish. No, I had quit because I had been a failure and this was the first time in my life I had messed up in such a big way. My situation was also bad for another reason. In times like this, I had always turned to my uncle for counsel, which was no longer an option. My uncle simply wouldn’t have understood. He wouldn’t have let one Priyanka Sharma distract him from his path of righteousness. Having rationalized everything in his mind, he would have simply moved on as if nothing had happened. To make the long story short, I was a wealthy forty year old man without his place in life and who held himself responsible for the death of an innocent twenty year old woman…no not even a woman, a girl really. I had intense remorse, but not a chance of redemption. Death with its ultimate finality, had taken that away from me. I still…show more content…
Also living in the Circus were women from poor families, who had been dumped by their husbands and had nowhere else to go to and then there were also individuals who had been discarded by society as a result of the physical deformities they carried. Unlike people who did not know my uncle from close, I always knew that he had this kinder gentler side. But I also had this uneasy feeling that my uncle was kind of intoxicated with the power that he had held over his fellow citizens in his capacity as a judge and this was his way of not letting that

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