Personal Narrative: The Thin Armor

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I awake to the sounds of my alarm, as I am getting ready for the tournament I am notified that I am acquit and free of charges form my past. As I am walking into the lobby I can see a contestant says some incantations, it’s a pity that he thinks it will help him. Soon after waiting in the lobby we are asked to put a veneer or very thin armor on for the descent. The one is outfitting me is very cynical, and adamant about making my armor fit perfect. After the fitting of the armor we enter our pods to get into the area when the decent starts I am reeling and thrown off guard. If I did not mention this before, many join this tournament to wave off any charges against them or simply to get the fame for winning. As soon as the pods lands, I bolt to the middle of the arena where there are items filled with supplies needed for survival in this feral area. While running to the supply of equipment, I can tell that some of the contestants have a specific gait to him interesting. I quickly gather my supplies and run into the unknown and I am connived on how to win. After a few hour run I am teeming with bug bites and soaked in sweat. On the long run I did I heard survival announcements of people passing away, sadly there are only about five out of ten people eliminated.…show more content…
Many people are furtive or hiding till the end those are the people I need to eliminate or this will never end. As I am eating I hear a railing or rough cough, I caustically take out my knife I had gotten and snoop around only to find a dead contestant sadly breathing his last breath. I hear the announcement and see only four remain; I quickly purloined his backpack and leave hopefully leaving the killer behind with the dead body. I am thinking of taking a dip in the river I am rather sordid after my

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