Raskolnikov Act 2 Essay

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Act 2 is the beginning of Raskolnikov’s reaction and interpretation of the murder and his life. Raskolnikov goes through different emotional stages throughout act 2 but maintains the instable mentality that he had in the first act. For example, for a majority of the act he was in a deep sleep or in a daze that kept him from reality. The story itself progressed but Raskolnikov did not. Another major aspect to Raskolnikov’s character is his tendency towards aggression. Throughout act 2 Raskolnikov was in the middle of conflict or quick to create conflicts with the other characters. I feel as though that this aggression is a sign of his personal unhappiness and regret. Raskolnikov knows committing the murder was wrong and a way of coping with this could be finding the flaws within others. The beginning of act 2 hinted at the fact that this murder was not monetarily influenced but instead a product of free will because Raskolnikov hid all…show more content…
First, Razuhmin was not officially introduced in act 2 but is shown in great detail for the first time. I can see Razuhmin to be a literary foil of Raskolnikov. Furthermore, Razuhmin is a very positive, caring, and giving person while Raskolnikov is negative and self-centered. Razuhmin expresses his care for Raskolnikov throughout act 2 by setting him up with a doctor, buying him clothes, and financially aiding him. Next, meeting Luzhin was a very negative experience for everyone involved. Luzhin had a personal arrogance that he displayed throughout chapter 5 and a materialistic outlook on life. These characteristics made him very unappealing to Raskolnikov and caused for the conflict between the two. In relation, meeting Raskolnikov’s sister and mother was a very important aspect to act 2. These characters showed a great amount of love and affection towards Raskolnikov, while on the other hand, he showed signs of dislike and

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