Raising The Flag On Iwo Jima Analysis

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“Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima”, a photograph taken by Joe Rosenthal on February 23, 1945. A photo that anyone can already easily recognize if they have read or seen anything related to history. It was a very popular photograph, printed on thousands of publications. This photo was taken during the Battle of Iwo Jima in World War II. It shows six soldiers raising the flag after they had won the battle. When I look at this photo I see a group of friends working together to achieve a goal, triumphing over the obstacles in their way. However, no two people will see the same thing when looking at an image. The first part of the image I see is the soldiers raising the flag. Not the event that led to placing the flag, but just the picture alone could…show more content…
Along with the weather in the image, the emptiness can also represent sadness and unhappiness. However, the definition of emptiness is “the state of containing nothing”. If this same image was taken before the battle that the soldiers fought on that day. The image most likely would consist of buildings or other objects that were destroyed in the battle. After it was destroyed, the image would be filled with complete emptiness. At this point, the image would be in “the state of containing nothing”. Then the soldiers came along, and filled that emptiness by placing the flag. This represents that emptiness is something that can be filled. To show even though the building was destroyed in the battle, something new can be takes its place. The emptiness in the image may also represent the emotions in the soldiers. If a person was to feel empty inside, they would be unhappy, sad, or just looking for something to fill that emptiness. If the soldiers were looking for something to fill that emptiness, when they placed the flag it may have filled the emptiness inside them. Referring to the image itself, the emptiness shows that even though there may have been a bad past, there can still be a brighter

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