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Rafael Nadal has single handedly changed the game of tennis forever. Inspiring an entire generation of tennis players, he has brought a certain intensity to a game that was formerly known for its grace and tradition. He has quickly become one of tennis’s most well known and respected players and is constantly . Players around the world shape their game after the Spaniard attempting to gain as much success as he has. Winning nine out of the last ten French opens along with countless other grand slam titles, Rafa is constantly proving his amazing ability to win matches. Rafa has even affected the way players dress on the court. Having his own line of clothing endorsed by Nike, millions of fans around the world wear the same clothes he wears when…show more content…
Optimumtennis.net states that Rafa’s forehand is one of the best shots in modern tennis. What makes this shot so special is Rafa is the only person on the pro tour able to use it as effectively as he does. The shot is the perfect combination of topspin and power which creates the perfect storm. The shot allows Rafa to hit the ball however hard he desires and still keep the ball inside the court. Also, the topspin allows the ball to be hit with a high margin over the net and at the last second, dive into the court. The topspin creates an unpredictable shot and makes it hard for Rafa’s opponent to be able to return the ball offensively. This specific shot has caused every player on the pro circuit to have to step up their game in order to be able to compete with Rafa. This has impacted the game dramatically, making it more difficult to reach the level of the…show more content…
Rafa trains harder than almost any other player on the tour. He is constantly looking to improve his game in every way he can. In an interview with Men’s Health Magazine Rafa was asked about his weekly workout regimen. He responded saying, “It all depends at what period of the season we are talking about. If we are in the pre-season, the gym work is higher. During the season I don't do much, I prefer to play tennis” (Nadal). Rafa trains all year around, constantly working on things that need improving. Whether he is on the court for five hours a day working to improve his technique, or in the gym strengthening certain muscles to be able to compete better, he is constantly thinking of how he can improve. This has pushed other players to train harder and has taken the level of professional tennis up ever since Rafa has come on the scene. Everyone is looking to overtake each other and reach the top of the rankings causing the need for even harder training. In order to stay on top, Rafa often trains and competes so aggressively that he has been injured on multiple occasions. However, he always manages to find a way to come back and compete at the highest level of tennis again. Rafa’s drive is one of the most inspiring things about his character and his

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