Tanning Salons: A Case Study

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Although there has shown to be a clear association between tanning devices emitting UVB2 and therefor increasing the risk of melanoma, it is thought to be impossible to completely eradicate the usage of these devices unless the business of the tanning salons is banned completely 7,6,8. The result of shutting down the tanning salon business completely can lead to an increase of individuals exposing themselves to natural sunlight more frequently 7, 6,8,16. While doing so, it will also decrease the usage of sunscreen which will also lead to the development of melanoma 16. It is also not feasible to ban tanning salons in all areas since certain salons may begin to offer tanning services without advertising it which can lead to legality issues 6. It is important to identify the practice of tanning as an addiction to change the way that health care professionals can treat and prevent melanoma 17. Instead of strictly producing laws and guidelines to restrict access to…show more content…
The last but not least confounder that must be included is education. It is imperative to educate the youth of skin care and the dangers that tanning can lead to 16. To teach the youth the different aspect of sun protection as in sunscreen, sun goggles and limiting the time spent under the sun or tanning salons 4,12, 16. Further tanning studies must be based on populations that are of alike backgrounds and genetics, have similar financial stabilities and are from the same educational field to avoid the mentioned discrepancies. Even though research has narrowed down the relationship between the risk factor and the disease, there is still much investigation to be done in order narrow down exactly how artificial UVB2 radiation can lead to melanoma

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