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Copper Sun by Sharon M, Draper, is an emotional story. The story is about Amari, a teenage African girl who is kidnapped by slave traders. Her journey leads her to slavery and fights her way back to freedom. Amari experiences variety of emotions during her struggles. The most two powerful emotions are Fear and Sadness. One example of sadness is after the slave traders attacked her village. The quote, “Crying won't help, child shows sadness because she didn't know what to do during her journey. The impact it had on Amari was that she didn't have any family left. Amari was disappointed about the situation that happened. Amari was sad when the slave traders took her to an auction. The quote " Because as long as we have life, we have hope!" Amari was also sad and felt lost because she didn't know what to do or how to react. Amari felt this way because she was too afraid . The impact it had on Amari was that she wasn't going to to see her village again. Amari felt heartbroken about her being taken to be auction and bought.…show more content…
Derby had a baby that was suppose to be Mr. Derby’s child but ending up being Noah's child.”BLACK BABY WHITE MAMA. BIG TROUBLE!” is a quote were Amari showed a lot of fear. Amari had to find a way to keep the child a secret from Mr. Derby. Amari was terrified when Mr. Derby murdered the child. When Amari, Polly, and tidbit were on there journey they had to watch out for slave traders . “ We must move quiet like snakes”. Amari had to be cautious when she was talking. The impact it had on them was that they had to be very careful while travelling. Amari was feeling concern on their journey so the far . “ I never seen my mama scared, never seen her not know what to do.” Amari mother got murdered by the slave trader. Amari felt that she would never see her mother again after that. Amari couldn't help her mother in time while being attacked. The feeling was gruesome, all her family was gone and also the

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