Pushing Kids In Sports Essay

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Sports Parents Pushing kids in sports can have a good and bad effect. Some parents think their kids will be an all star athlete. Others, just want their kids to be healthy. Over pushing kids can make them tired. Eventually, they will soon not enjoy the sport. If your athlete tells you they are being pressured that means it is time to stop and give them some relaxing time. Sports are a good way to introduce discipline to children. As well as, parental pressuring youth athletes can teach the value of discipline and hard work. To be successful in anything you have to be a hard worker. Athletes will know what discipline is after their coaches yell at them. If you discipline your kids at a young age, they will stay in place. They will know right…show more content…
Being too focused and practicing everyday will leave no time to study or target school. “Most high school athletes never make it to professional sports, yet year after year high schools around the country spend a proportionate amount of money on varsity sports while neglecting academics,” says Mary Tedrow, a high school teacher. Not just schools, but parents are spending too much money on athletic related things. You will not get anywhere in life without an education. If athletes stop focusing on academics and thinking they will be a professional player, it might not end up like that. Once they assume this, school will not be in the picture anymore. If they do not become a professional player, their education is ruined for them. It will be hard to get back and start again. Another effect of pushing kids in sports is they tend to be stressed. When he or she is stressed, they will feel like they have no time to do anything. Thirty- two percent of kids say stressed is caused by their family. However, fifty-two percent of kids say they exercise to reduce the stress. Example, if their kids do not score a homerun, shoot a goal, or shoot a basket, parents will yell at them. After being yelled out, they think they are bad and not good. Children will not want to participate in the sport

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