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During the Holocaust there were several extermination camps and one of them was Operation Reinhard and it concerned 2 million jews that lived in poland. Operation Reinhard was created during the Holocaust and it was created as a distraction for Treblinka. Treblinka was another extermination camp that Operation Reinhard was a distraction for. Operation Reinhard concerned 1 ¾ of the Jews that lived in poland and the number of jew that were concerned was 2 million (Danish Center). One in three fourths of the Jews who lived in Poland were killed during Operation Reinhard. It was a plan to kill 2 million jews and the was that Operation Reinhard is linked to the Holocaust is there was 6 million jews killed and in Operation Reinhard there were 2…show more content…
They were no longer allowed to vote. The children and the adults were no longer allowed to go school. Jews couldn’t hold certain jobs. They could no longer be in the military. They can’t sit in the same bench as a non-Jew. ( History Place). ¨At the same time, a carefully orchestrated smear campaign under the direction of Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels portrayed Jews as enemies of the German people (History Place).¨ The jews lost everything Their houses, the right to protest, and lost their businesses ( History Place). This went so far that the non-jewish germans compared the jews to plague carrying rats, a foreshadow of things to come (History Place). ¨In March 1938, Hitler expanded the borders of the Nazi Reich by forcibly annexing Austria (History Place). A brutal crackdown immediately began on Austria's Jews (History Place). They also lost everything and were even forced to perform public acts of humiliation such as scrubbing sidewalks clean amid jeering pro-Nazi crowds (History Place).¨ ¨ Hitler intended to blame the Jews for the new world war he was soon to provoke (History Place). That war began in September 1939 as German troops stormed into Poland, a country that was home to over three million Jews (History

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