Prove Nothing Due To Myself In The Film Rudy Directed By Rudy Ruettiger

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Prove Nothing Except To Yourself Throughout life you will experience people trying to put you down. You cannot do this, you cannot do that, and you will not be able to achieve this. Most people get put down by these words and think they cannot do something they dreamed to do, but within that little percent of people that do not listen to those that tell them they cannot do something, they are the ones achieving in life. Dreaming of what there life is going to be like is what kept them going, it is what keeps life tolerable. When Rudy Ruettiger, the main character in the movie Rudy directed by David Anspaugh , is always saying he is going to go to Notre Dame and play football there, his family puts him down by saying he could never even get into a college like that because he is not as smart as the kids that get to attend at Noter Dame and that a dream like that was impossible. After viewing Rudy directed by David Anspaugh,1993 movie this brings dreamers to believe that dreams are what make life tolerable and you never should have to prove something to someone but yourself.…show more content…
Rudy pushed himself and made a deal with the priest that was at Noter Dame. If Rudy was able to get good grades in the first semester at Holy Cross Jr. College then Rudy was eligible for the second semester and might be able to get into Noter Dame. That is what gave Rudy hope. Rudy had some complications with that, he had Dyslexia which made it harder for him to read so he had to work harder than most people in Holy Cross

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