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In the book City of Ember by Jeanne DuPrau, there is quite a lot of subtext that if you didn't notice while reading the book wouldn't have the depth that I love about it. This book is about how a group of people went underground to escape the world to be safe for 220 years. There was supposed to be enough provisions to last the people for this long then there would be instructions on how to get back above ground. However, the power began to fail then the provisions began to run low and there are two kids who learn the truth then work to get out. The first really good piece of subtext that I loved is in the beginning of the book when we learn of why Doon and Lina were no longer friends. "What was wrong with Doon? He was taking things too…show more content…
There was a blackout in the book that lasted 7 minutes, which was longer than any other before. It was blatantly obvious now that Ember was indeed failing, and that Doon had predicted it. Then we see a notice pop up about a town meeting. The mayor is speaking in a microphone; however, the words get jumbled. The power of the microphone is fading making it even more clear what is happening, people start to get angry and hostile. This shows amplification. We could have just been told as readers that the power was failing, and we could have left it with the blackout, however this is a perfect way to show the power failing then lead into the main conflict which causes the kids to act. Doon is speaking to his father and telling him that he is angry. His father responds that letting anger get ahold of you then you can't control yourself. "And when anger is the boss, you get-" "I know," said Doon. "Unintended consequenses" (DuPrau, 89) This shows us that there are things that are happening that we need to look out for, and that there may be things in play, like anger, that are taking over the

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