Pros And Cons Of Eugenics

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ace is a classification system. It is used to separate groups in society by means of culture, language, religion or ethnic background. The term “race” refers to a group of people who have differences and similarities in biological traits; sort of deemed by society, to be “socially significant”. What this means is that people treat other people differently because of their race or physical appearance. Particularly in the 19th century people actually believed in racial superiority, that a single race in society was the hierarchy of all races. In order to “prove” and promote this idea, 19th century scientists claimed to have used “scientific research” to come up with theories about race. They based these theories on appearances of a person in…show more content…
3. Eugenics E ugenics is the belief in improving the qualities of the human species by: discouraging the reproduction of people having genetic faults or having inheritable “undesirable” traits which is known as Negative eugenics. Or by encouraging reproduction of people who have inheritable desirable traits, called Positive eugenics. Eugenics rooted unsurprisingly from the belief that society can be separated into different groups of the strong versus the weak. The eugenics movement (lead by Francis Galton ) focussed on differences between societies and classified them into “strong” and “weak”. The whole idea of the eugenics movement was to encourage the reproduction of those who had positive inheritable traits which would lead to the creation of the “perfect race” for example a race of white people with blonde hair and blue eyes along with inherited above mediocre intelligence. The Nazis were strong supporters of eugenics, though they neither invented it nor were they the first to implement it. 4 Nazi ideas on the

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