Pros And Cons Of Charlotte Municipal Airport

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In 1930, Works Progress Administration was awarded $300,000 dollars in order to build Charlotte Municipal Airport (Corporate Communications and Marketing, 2012). After about 5 years of work, Charlotte Municipal Airport was opened for civil flights. When he war started in the 1940’s, the USAF took up some hanger space and started using Charlotte Municipal Airport as a base of operations (Airport Guides, n.d.) The North Carolina Air National Guard still operates on the east side of the airfield between the terminal area and general aviation ramp. In 1954 the passenger terminal opened up and the airport was renamed Douglas Municipal Airport after the city’s Mayor, Ben Elbert Douglas. Soon after the opening of the terminal Delta Airlines started…show more content…
& Wells, A.T., 2011). With the amount of flights and passengers that the airport moves in year it classifies as a large hub airport. The NPIAS ranks the airport 11th out of 29 due to the amount of traffic it handles, passengers it boards and the fact that it is a transition point versus a destination airport. Most of the passengers that the airport handles are people switching planes in order to make it to their final destination and not the main boarding point or deplaning point such as New York or L.A has. In 2011 39 million passengers came and went through the airport (Corporate Communications and Marketing, 2012). Charlotte Airport is owned and operated by the City of Charlotte since 1935. Consequently last summer a state law was passed for an airport commission to run the airport (Airport Guides, n.d.). Still today there is confusion about who is really running the airport, city or state. Therefore the jobs and management staff are hired by the city of Charlotte, NC. The organization structure starts at the top with the Mayor and City Council being the overall decision makers about the airports future. Furthermore the person in charge of aviation below the Mayor and City Council is the Department of Aviation. This Department of Aviation is who ensures the decisions from higher are carried out and also recommends changes and ideas to the Mayor since he is the Aviation subject matter expert (City Government Organization Chart, n.d.). These two must work together so the airport will be able to succeed and continue to grow. Inside the Department of Aviation you have a few more positions so that the airport can run efficient and effectively. The department has just over 300 employees to assist in running the airport (Corporate Communications and Marketing, 2012). Furthermore some of the higher level jobs in the

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