Stereotyping In Flight Patterns

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The short story “Flight Patterns,” written by Sherman Alexie is about racial profiling in the world around us. The story illustrates that everyone sees the world in a different way no matter what race a person may be. Stereotyping is part of our culture whether white, black, or brown everyone profiles someone when they first see them. William, the main character is not the same race as Feduka yet, they have many things in common. By the end of story, Feduka ends up making a large impact on Williams’s life. William becomes aware that he is not alone in how he views society and race as a whole because of Feduka. Even with the harsh stereotyping some individuals have to deal with on a day to day basis, everyone can find a way to overcome it with their own form of happiness.…show more content…
William is a Spokane Indian, he has a slightly darker skin complexion and long black hair that he threads into two neatly done braids. He wears a navy pinstripe three-button travel suit to work. For William, fitting into the world around him hasn’t always been the easiest thing to do. It was clear to William, “white folks wanted to scream and rage "Do I look like a terrorist?" And he knew the security officers, most often lower paid brown folks, wanted to scream back: Define terror, you Anglo bastard (Alexie 60)!" William made an excellent point after ranting about the numerous “random” pat downs he has dealt with, “I am a Native American and therefore have ten thousand more reasons to terrorize the U.S. than any of those Taliban jerk-offs, but I have chosen instead to become a civic American citizen, so all of you white folks should be celebrating my kindness and moral decency and awesome ability to forgive! (Alexie

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