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Portrait of Henry VIII 1540 Oil on panel, 88,5 x 74,5 cm Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Antica, Rome Hans Holbein the Younger, originally from Germany, had been appointed the English King's Painter in 1536. Holbein lived and worked intermittently in England from 1526 to 1543 during the establishment of the Reformation. So in 1527 when the King wished to be rid of his 1st wife, in order to marry Anne Boleyn; in the interest of a male heir; he demanded an annulment from the Pope but was refused. Starting the English break from Rome, Henry dissolved monasteries and the Church of England was born. To persuade the English people to accept these changes the monarchy…show more content…
Although it was destroyed by fire in 1698, it is still well known today through its many copies. Although the original mural measuring three metres by four it seamed larger then life and it overwhelmed the viewer. Various copies were made depicting this part of the mural, either at the king's order or by wealthy courtiers wishing to be in the Kings favour. This now copied image of Henry the VIII is one of the most iconic and most famous portraits of any British monarch. Henry is posed without any of the standard royal accouterments such as a sword, crown, or scepter, as was common practice in royal portraiture of the period. Henry's aggressive posture, standing proudly erect with His legs spread apart and arms held from his side in the pose of a warrior directly facing the viewer. His obscene codpiece and overly padded shoulders further enhance this aggressive masculinity. This is unique in royal portraiture and was considered vulgar in the refined courts of…show more content…
We easily forget is that the need for leaders to project a favourable image is as old as politics itself. There are two reasons for King Henry's steadfast fame; the fascinating history of his reign, and the artistic genius of Hans Holbein the Younger. And the truth… Henry's armour shows that his legs were much shorter in reality than in the painting, and at the age of 45 Henry was on the brink of old age. The athletic youth who had exceled in sports was a thing of the past. Thrombosed legs were causing him increasing pain and would eventually turn him into a semi-invalid. He was becoming fat and unwieldy, suffering from health problems that would affect him for the rest of his life. Henry encouraged these copies to be made following the worst year of his reign. In 1536 Henry had a bad jousting accident that forced him to seriously think about his own mortality. After twenty-seven years on the throne, he still had no male heir, had been rid of wife number two in the hopes of finding another woman who would provide him with a son, And the previous autumn political disaster had struck with a rebellion throughout the northern half of the realm, his own subjects rising in protest at the heavy taxation and the religious changes that he had forced on

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