Proinquity In Close Relationships

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Relationships are as important to your health as are diet and exercise because close relationships also affect our physical health. People who have many close relationships live longer and remain healthier, than people who have fewer close relationships. People who are diagnosed with a major illness are more likely to recover if they have many close relationships, than if they do not. When people experience the end of a close relationship due to a death, divorce, loss of a job, or relocation, they're more likely to become sick or die. 2.) One building block of meaningful relationships is emotional self-disclosure. This is sharing personal information about your feelings, perceptions, and memories with another person. It's a huge way to increase intimacy in a relationship. A second building block of meaningful relationships is propinquity, which is being physically close to another person. People who live or work physically close to each other, are more likely to develop meaningful relationships, than those who do not probably because physical closeness creates many…show more content…
For example, two people who enjoy outdoor activities are more likely to be outdoors in the same place at the same time, than if one of them disliked outdoor activities. People with similar interests are drawn to the same physical places and are more likely to interact with each other than people with dissimilar interests. Similarity and propinquity can also work in the opposite direction too. People who spend time in the same physical space become more similar to each other over time, if for no reason than they share that space. You're also more likely to discover ways in which you're similar to people if you interact with them frequently because you share the same physical

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