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Most people have only seen the crazy paintings of Andromeda. The paintings very rarely show her fully clothed, but always chained to a rock holding the look of horror on her face. Being the princess in a city by the sea was not always a piece of cake as some people might think. Princess Andromeda was the complete opposite of most girls who have a king for a father. She was very kind and generous, not to mention beautiful. Some people would say she was even more beautiful than her mother. Everyone seemed to just blow that characteristic off, until one day Cassiopeia bragged on her daughter a little too much which enraged Poseidon to challenge that. In Princess Andromeda’s parent’s eyes she was more beautiful than the sea nymphs and they let that get to their heads a little. Poseidon, the god of the sea and…show more content…
The sky pulled through for her and Perseus noticed Andromeda while he was wearing Hermes’ winged sandals flying around searching for Medusa (A Profile, 2). Soon after Andromeda called out, Perseus emerged from the clouds and appeared to be a strange bird. He was being tossed around by the wind and it looked like he did not know how to fly. Once Perseus gained more control of his flying he headed for Andromeda (Burnell, 3). After Perseus talked to the king and learned what the situation with Andromeda was he kindly offered to kill the sea monster and rescue her (A Profile, 2). Perseus would only save Andromeda on one condition; her parents had to agree to let him marry her. Without a doubt the parents agreed and Perseus went to save her (A Profile, 2). Using the sword he was given to get Medusa’s head and the winged sandals Hermes had loaned him, Perseus finally defeated the sea monster and saved the day for Andromeda. The day after Perseus saved Andromeda they got married and started their life together (Burnell,

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