The 11th Plague By Jeff Hirsch: Summary

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The book I read was called The Eleventh Plague by Jeff Hirsch. In the beginning Stephen (the main character) and his dad are traveling back to a town where they trade goods for things the need to survive. On the way back Stephen and his dad find a crashed plane and take look in it and find a bunch of food. They only ate some of the food and keep the rest. While they were in the plane some slavers came and chased the out. Stephen’s dad fell from a cliff but didn't die. Towards the middle Stephan’s dad did die from the injures. Stephen buried him and found a group of people and found a town to live in. Towards the end Stephen’s town was attacked by the slavers. Stephen saved the town and everyone lived. Stephen is the main character,he’s 16 years old,around 5’9. Stephen is a kind, brave, shy, and strong guy. He has lived in the plague for his entire life. Stephen has always followed rules until his grandfather died. Stephen lived on his own for a little bit after his dad died. Stephen is a rule follower and always listens.…show more content…
Dad is the one who protected Stephen once his grandfather died. Before dad died he wanted to live in a house with his family one last time. Dad is about 5’10,strong, and is very curious and like to explore. Jenny is 16,5’7, and just wants to be free and not stuck in one place. Jenny is sort of Stephen’s lover. The setting of the story is in Atlanta,Georgia year 2025.The setting in the story is different from are setting now. Everything is burnt and is start to grow again. Most things are abandoned and covered in moss. Some places are more rebuilt then others. Then some places are more

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