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Your pro scooters need care, just like you'd care for your bicycle or even your car, but there are specific things you'll want to do to make sure that your scooters stays running like new and looking good too. You need your scooter to be safe every time you drive it, which means not only doing upkeep on it, but also doing a pre-ride check each time you head out for the day. Keep Your Ride Clean While a dirty scooter isn't going to cause an accident, it can cause your ride to rust faster. If you want your scooter to stay newer longer then you want to make sure you are cleaning it and dusting it often. Go ahead, treat it like you wood a vintage collector car. Wash it, wax it, and give it love. Make Sure You Are Safe It also helps to take…show more content…
Store it in a garage or keep it covered if it needs to be stored outdoors. You want to keep the elements from damaging it. Sun can fade the paint, as can rain, and hail and snow can also cause much damage. Pre-Ride Checks Before you head out on your scooter each day make sure that you check it out so that you start your ride safely. Than means checking the tired. Make sure tread and pressure are good, and make sure you have no nails or any other damaging items stuck in them. Also check your lights, even if you are riding in the daylight, to make sure they are always working properly. Do Regular Maintenance Lastly, your scooter, just like any motorized vehicle, needs regular maintenance checkups. Get oil changes when they are recommended, and even have your carburetor and spark plugs checked. You can find out the recommended timelines on these things by reading your owners manual. Pro scooters can be fun to own, and it's a great way to put less emissions into the environment while you are going from point a to point b. If you don't travel long distances to work or the store, you can also save money on gas with one of these great little

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