Pompey And Caesar: The 49BC Civil War

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In 49BC Civil war broke out in Rome between two great generals. These generals were none other than Caesar and Pompey, once on friendly terms with each other turned rivals. But what was the reason for this civil war between two of the top generals of the most powerful republic ever. The reasons behind this war can be found in their past when they were friendly to the days on the outbreak of war and what was happening in the government at the time before the war. Was it just purely the rivalry between these two great generals that led to civil war or was the government pushing it along. The friendship of Pompey and Caesar was much of one sided as Caesar used Pompey’s friendship for his own benefit. Pompey had political power but he had used this power to win friends.…show more content…
And just as the strongest parts of a city's defences, when they are captured by an enemy, impart to him their own inherent strength, so it was by Pompey's power and influence that Caesar was raised up against the city, and Caesar overthrew and cast down the very man by whose aid he had waxed strong against the rest. And this was the way it came about’1. It can be said that Caesar used Pompey’s power to further his own position in the republic to make himself better known and then using this newly given power to overthrow Pompey. This betrayal of Pompey’s trust in turn led to Caesar becoming consul. ‘Caesar was, indeed, chosen consul; but he at once paid his court to the indigent and pauper classes by proposing measures for the founding of cities and the distribution of lands, thereby lowering the dignity of his office and making the consulate a kind of tribunate. And when he was opposed by his colleague Bibulus, and Cato stood ready to support Bibulus with all his

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